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Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Breastfeeding Shamers

Chrissy Teigen Had the Best Response to Someone Who Questioned Why She Wasn't Breastfeeding

No matter what you do as a mother, sometimes it seems downright impossible to steer clear of criticism from other judgmental parents. And unfortunately, Chrissy Teigen is no exception. John Legend posted a photo of Chrissy bottle-feeding their son Miles on Nov. 6, and he captioned the photo: "Wild scene backstage at @nbcthevoice." Naturally, people just had to share their opinions.

The conversation in the comments section began when one user wrote, "You no longer breastfeed?" to which Chrissy responded: "John never breastfed Miles." BOOM.

And while there was some back-and-forth in the comments regarding whether or not the question truly qualified as "shaming" per se, one mom made an important point.

"She didn't put a beautiful photo of her children with her and her mother on the internet so people could ask what's happening in her bra," she wrote. "It is literally no one's business what is happening under anyone's clothing but that person who is wearing the clothing. Let's all have a little respect for one another."

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