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Dad Gets Pillow With Dog Who Passed Away on It

Watch This Sweet Dad Break Down Over a Gift Honouring His Late 4-Legged Best Friend

There's something truly indescribable about the pain one feels when grieving the loss of a pet. For Jasey Jentsch's dad, it seems to have been tough to live life without his dog BFF of 12 years, Bruce, since the pooch's recent passing. To honour Bruce and do something sweet for the grieving dad, his wife bought him a custom pillow that looks like a cutout of Bruce, and as Jasey's dad opens it, he breaks down into tears.

"My dog of 12 years (my dad's best friend) just recently passed, so my mom got a pillow with his picture on it for my dad," Jasey wrote on Twitter. "I think it's safe to say he's head over heels for it."

Watch the full, now-viral video above, but only after grabbing a tissue.

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