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Elegant Baby Boy Names

25 Elegant Baby Boy Names to Consider For Your Little Prince

Choosing a name for that new addition to your family is tricky business. It's a huge decision — one you likely can't go back on. For my husband and I, picking a name for our baby boy was even more difficult than choosing one for our baby girl. We searched high and low, and so you don't have to, we've rounded up a list of elegant names for boys. These sophisticated monikers are both classy and a little mysterious. We hope you consider one of them for that adorable little prince growing inside of you.

  1. Edward
  2. Benjamin
  3. Charles
  4. Constantine
  5. Baldwin
  6. Dylan
  7. Lawrence
  8. Leopold
  9. Xavier
  10. William
  11. Sebastian
  12. Quentin
  13. Nathaniel
  14. Leopold
  15. Julio
  16. Giovanni
  17. Francis
  18. Amadeus
  19. Asher
  20. Atticus
  21. Frederick
  22. Dominic
  23. Jasper
  24. Jude
  25. Julian
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