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Essay About People Ignoring Your Kids in Public

To the People Who Ignore My Kids in Public Places, Shame on You

To the Grumpy People at the Grocery Store,

Life can be a real pain in the ass. I get it. Sometimes things don't go our way, sometimes we're busy, and sometimes we're in bad moods for no real reason. Everyone is allowed to feel those things, but you also need things to help pull you out of the moods and moments. And you know what the perfect thing for that is? The innocence of a sweet child.

It happens more frequently than it used to — my kids get so excited by a passing stranger in the store for whatever reason, and that person blows right past them without even a smile, either with their head buried in their phone or a serious look on their face that tells the world they don't want to be bothered.

You see, my kids — my daughter in particular — have been training for either a career in politics or as the future Miss America since they were little. When we go to the grocery store, I place my 3-year-old daughter in the cart, and she immediately wants to try to "make friends," as she calls it, with anyone and everyone. She waves to every shopper, no matter what you look like, what you're wearing, or how old you are. If you're breathing air near her, my daughter wants to charm you. Her pigtails bounce, her giggle fills the aisles, and her smile beams in that cart. Her head constantly turns back and forth while she tries to find someone's eyes to meet. But a lot of the time she can't, because you're too busy.

It wouldn't kill you to acknowledge my daughter for two seconds. Looking into those big brown eyes of hers may just have a positive impact on your day and inspire you to look up at the world around you a little bit more. She just wants a simple smile or a wave in return — nothing more. And you know what? My daughter has this special ability to make anyone's day brighter, no matter what it is they're going through. So while a simple trip to the grocery store might make you mad, sad, or annoyed, my daughter is there to make you happy. There's something about her innocence, honesty, and silly behaviour that's infectious.

So the next time you're feeling "so busy" at the grocery store (or anywhere for that matter), try looking around at who's there. Is there a small child waving at you? Is there an elderly person who looks like they could use some help? Is there a woman who looks stressed out and on the verge of tears? Accept those smiles and waves, and give them out. You never know just how much that can make someone's day, and that includes my excited little girl.

Thank you,
A Loving Mom

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