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It wasn't long ago that we finally introduced our 4-year-old to the Frozen movie. She'd already had the songs committed to memory for what feels like a decade, but now that she's finally become aware of the storyline and characters (Olaf being one of her favourites), I can tell that we might make Frozen 2 a full-on movie-theatre-and-popcorn experience.

When the very first teaser trailer came out yesterday, however, I was apprehensive once again. It looked a little dark, and I'm already dealing with an unexpected volcano phobia thanks to Moana's Te Kā, so I wanted to test the waters a bit. I showed my preschooler the two-minute trailer so that I could gauge her reaction.

Although she deemed it "a little spooky," her eyes were wide with wonder the entire time. Here, a few real-time musings from a member of the Frozen franchise's key demographic:

  • "The ocean!"
  • "Why isn't she putting on a swimsuit? You can't go into the ocean without a swimsuit! Elsa!"
  • "Wait, is that Lake Michigan? We have that ice in our lake!" (Editor's note: they should really film the third instalment on location in Chicago.)
  • "Oooooh, diamonds that sparkle!"
  • "Where is the snowman? Is he OK?!" (She must have missed his brief cameo at the 1:23-minute mark . . . And the 1:31 mark.)
  • "That's not a two, those are two letter Is!" (I told her the title screen read "Frozen Two.")
  • "Are they going to sing soon?"

I asked her what she thought it would be about ("Swimming!") and if she wanted to, in fact, see it ("Can we tonight?!"). I think we're going to go ahead and give the movie this little one's positive endorsement.

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