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Girl Dresses Up as MAC Makeup Artist

Girl Dresses Up as a Makeup Artist For School Career Day, and MAC's Response Is Priceless

Cheyenne Temple might only be 7 years old, but she has already discovered her passion for beauty and cosmetics. So when it came time to dress up as her aspirational job for her school's Career Day, she transformed into a makeup artist — more specifically, a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist.

Samantha Temple, Cheyenne's mom, was beyond proud of her daughter's choice and shared as much on Twitter. "Newest MAC employee?" she wrote. "I think so."

And in another example of how good things can actually come from social media, MAC saw Cheyenne's impeccable look — complete with a black branded t-shirt, choker, and waistband makeup brush holder — and couldn't resist sharing in the excitement:

Does it get more beautiful than that?

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