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Girl's Funny Drawing of Her Mom's Boobs

Little Girl Drew "Extremely Inaccurate" Picture of Her Mom — and We're Not About to Point Out the Obvious

When Janene picked her youngest child up from her first day of kindergarten, she noticed that all of the children were running up to their parents, proudly displaying their drawings — of flowers, hearts, or animals.

When her daughter thrust a picture in her face, the little girl beamed, "It's you and me!"

The photo was of a girl looking up at her mom with a smile. But that, Janene wrote in a hilarious Facebook post on her site I Might Be Funny, is where the resemblance ended.

"I looked down at the picture," she wrote. "Of boobs. Really, really big boobs. Yes, my little artist didn't draw hearts or flowers . . . she drew an EXTREMELY inaccurate depiction of her mommy for all the world to see."

She laughed to herself on the drive home: "I was imagining the teacher probably thought Dolly Parton was coming to pick up this child. I bet she was a little surprised when it was just me and my B-cups that strolled through the classroom door that afternoon."

Oddly enough, Janene managed to take an inspiring lesson on self-image away from the stick-figure picture.

"I love this drawing because it is a reminder of how our children can view us so differently than we view ourselves," she said. "Look at me here . . . my boobs are perky, my hair is thick and bouncy, I have a perfect, tiny nose, and my smile is bright. I mean, really, I've never looked better. And if that's how my daughter chooses to see me, I will treasure it forever."

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