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Girl Makes Highlight Reel When Told She Can't Play Baseball

An 8-Year-Old Was Told "Girls Shouldn't Play Baseball," and by the Look of Her Highlight Reel, They're Wrong

Ashlynn Jolicoeur, an 8-year-old from Canada, is already having to prove ignorant people wrong. After being told that "girls shouldn't be playing baseball," she opted to create an incredible highlight reel rather than shrink back in defeat. In the now-viral clip that's been viewed more than 4 million times on Twitter, Ashlynn can be seen making some seriously impressive diving catches.

While the reel was originally posted on, it instantly picked up speed when the social media accounts for Baseball For All — a group dedicated to getting more girls on baseball diamonds — shared it on July 21. Though Ashlynn has previously said in an interview with CBC Radio that "girls can do anything," she was met with some resistance after being named MVP for her performance in a tournament last year.

"After the game, (a parent on our team) told me that girls 'shouldn't be playing baseball and that they should stick to softball,'" her dad, Dan Therien, told Baseball For All. "Then, at tryouts, the coach cut her from the team."

Despite being disappointed, being cut from the team only inspired Ashlynn to take her dreams even more seriously. "It was upsetting," Dan told CBC Radio. "I was upset, but I did not let that bother me too much because I think some people sometimes are a little outdated in their thoughts."

Ever since her story's been shared, the 8-year-old got to meet her idol, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. — who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays — and by the looks of things, there's nothing slowing her down. "I don't think it has ever occurred to Ashlynn that some people think that girls can't do things that boys can do," said Dan. We hope to see Ashlynn in the major league someday!

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