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Hilary Duff Trying to Induce Labor With Salad From Caioti's

Hilary Duff Just Ate a Salad Famous For Inducing Labor, So Let’s See What Happens Folks

Hilary Duff is ready to meet her baby girl. The Younger actress, who is expecting her second child — her first with boyfriend Matthew Koma — any day now has turned to a pizza place with a famous labor-inducing salad to get the ball rolling. "This salad is supposed to make you go into labor," Hilary wrote in an Instagram Story. "Caioti Pizza, don't let me down."

There are several ways to attempt to induce labor, like dancing, having sex, or eating a whole pineapple, but this magical salad is definitely a little more niche. From Caioti Pizza Café in LA, "The Salad" is a mix of tossed romaine and watercress with walnuts and gorgonzola, but the moneymaker is allegedly the restaurant's balsamic vinegarette dressing, which is the element said to get contractions going.

"We've never claimed that 'The Salad' actually induces labor," Cindy LaDou, owner of Caioti Pizza Café, told LA Weekly. "But, as my husband used to say . . . it helps."

Here's hoping it helps Hilary — we can't wait to meet this little babe!

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