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Home Organization by Rainbow Color

This Home-Organisation Technique Sparks More Joy Than Anything Else I've Ever Seen

After spending about a half hour scrolling through The Home Edit's feed on Instagram to write an article about its organisation solutions for kids' rooms, I had looked through so many photos of belongings in rainbow order, I went home and reorganised every single app on my Apple TV home screen according to ROYGBIV. Then I did my phone apps, even though my thumbs were screaming at me not to due to the muscle memory they've built over time. The feeling I had looking at both screens afterward was, not to be dramatic, one of euphoria.

Which is what I told The Home Edit's Clea and Joanna when I spoke to them on the phone the next day. The pair teamed up with Amazon Alexa to chat to POPSUGAR about staying organised in the new year, and while all of their tips for organising are amazing (seriously, one look at their Instagram and you'll fall in love), I couldn't help but be fixated on the whole rainbow philosophy.

"It's really useful!" Clea said to me when I told her about organising my phone apps. "It's a big conversation starter." She's not wrong — one look at my phone and my boyfriend asked with a hint of judgement, "Is your phone . . . rainbow now?" So I wondered, what's their solution when someone is anti rainbow organisation?

"In a playroom, it's extremely helpful. It's very intuitive for kids."

"There are definitely people — either for aesthetic purposes or because they just can't wrap their head around it — who are not rainbow candidates, and that is totally fine. We do not push our rainbow ways onto people!" Clea said. "There are a lot of people whose aesthetic is natural woods, or a black and white situation."

Although they don't force their love of rainbow on their clients every time, they are passionate about colour order in specific parts of the home. "In a playroom, it's extremely helpful," Clea said. "It's very intuitive for kids, so for children and their rooms specifically, it is a really smart way for them to learn where things go and where to find what they're looking for."

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