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How Many Babies Will I Have According to Astrology?

What Can Astrology Tell You About How Many Babies You'll Have?

How Many Babies Will I Have According to Astrology?
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When it comes to growing a family, there's no right or wrong decision on how many kids you want — as long as it feels right, that decision is up to you (and your partner, if you have one). You might want a huge house full of kids roaming around or maybe just one child to get all your attention and affection or none at all . . . either way, your home will be filled with love (and maybe a temper tantrum or two).

So many things influence the number you ultimately land on, from the practical, like your current lifestyle or financial situation, to the whimsical, like your zodiac sign. That's right, some astrologers say your birth chart can influence how many kids you ultimately want to have. It makes sense: signs differ in personalities, so you might be more or less likely to want to have children based on how much you value your freedom, how much importance you place on family, how much you enjoy taking a nurturing role, and so on.

Astrologer Skye Alexander, author of "Magickal Astrology," put together this guide to the zodiac signs' feelings about their future families. Of course, while our birth charts can offer a bit of fun insight into our personalities and motivations, they don't predict the future — the information here may say you're destined for three little ones when you know you're a childless-by-choice person. But between your sun, moon, and rising signs, you may find a nugget that resonates with you.

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