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How Many Kids Does Gordon Ramsay Have?

Gordon Ramsay Is Now a Dad of 6 — Meet Them All

How Many Kids Does Gordon Ramsay Have?

If you love binge-watching "Hell's Kitchen", you know there's no one who can whip a kitchen into shape quite like Gordon Ramsay. While some of us can say we've also seen every single episode of "Kitchen Nightmares", others may not know how much of a family man Chef Ramsay really is. But according to him, he's a "softie" when it comes to his five children with wife Tana Ramsay.

After the couple married in 1996, they went on to start their family, which they always intended to be big, Ramsay told People in September. The chef also reflected on his experience with fatherhood and shared of his kids, "My job as a dad is to come up with a solution to their problems. That's the most important role of a dad." Though he also admitted, "That's f*cking hard with five kids, five problems, 25 a week, a hundred a month — that's a lot of solution fixing."

While Ramsay certainly has a reputation for being hard on budding cooks and restaurateurs (and not to mention having a foul mouth), he's said that he's really sentimental at heart as far as his kids are concerned. Even his wife, Tana, told People that he's "incredibly sensitive" — as she put it, "he's a crier." And with the surprise announcement of his sixth child arriving on 12 Nov., we're sure he shed a tear or two!

Keep reading ahead to learn more about Chef Ramsay's six kids and see their sweetest family photos.

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