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How to Use Baby Shark Song While Performing CPR

This EMT Dad Just Explained How the "Baby Shark" Song Can Literally Save Lives

A video is bubbling up that features a 3-year-old girl successfully performing CPR, and as impressive as that is, it's what the girl's dad — who has worked as a firefighter and EMT for nearly two decades — said about the life-saving technique that is cause for a double take.

Chris Pietroforte — who shares videos of his daughter, Saige, as proof that anyone can learn the skill — said that most people know to use the beat of the song "Stayin' Alive" while performing the chest compressions in CPR, but kids can take a different approach. "A good way to teach kids is by letting them pick their own song," he said. In fact, any song that is 100 to 120 beats per minute works, which he said includes the popular song, "Baby Shark."

That's right, folks. Complain all you want about the PinkFong hit, but it can actually save lives.

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