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Jimmy Kimmel Reads Kid Letters With Shaq

Jimmy Fallon Reads Hilarious Letters From Kids, and 1 Ends With a Challenge For Shaq

There's no group of people more creative than elementary school kids, so when it came time to ask for suggestions for new games and jokes on his show, Jimmy Fallon knew exactly who to ask. During Monday night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host read through some iconic letters from young kids, and the suggestions were next level. One 8-year-old girl wrote Jimmy that he was funny, "but not a nuf," while another asked for "luck charms" and provided a suggestion on how to "be cooler."

The best letter came from a young girl named Breanna who recommended a staring contest with "a twist!" (her words, not ours) involving potato chips and an incredibly competitive Shaquille O'Neal. Watch the video above to see what happened when Jimmy took Breanna's suggestion very seriously for one of the greatest staring contests of all time!

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