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Joanna Gaines's Christmas Ornament Tradition

Joanna Gaines's Sentimental Christmas Tradition Is So Easy, You'll Want to Steal It For Yourself

Although we can't get enough of watching our kiddos unwrapping their gifts on Christmas morning, taking part in annual traditions is often where the best memories are made. According to a new Magnolia blog post, Joanna Gaines shared that she has a few sweet traditions of her own.

"Chip's mom started a fun tradition when we first got married, where she would give all of us an ornament at Thanksgiving," said Joanna. "I loved it so much that I started something similar. Every holiday season, I get Chip and the kids an ornament that goes along with a memory from that year. I write their name and the date on the bottom, so as they get older, each one of them has a little collection that's all their own."

Although the 40-year-old mom of five loves gifting each of her little ones with their very own keepsakes each year, she's not afraid to bring new traditions into the fold either, especially when it comes to putting a second 13-foot tree in her bedroom.

"In years past, I would have never thought to put a Christmas tree this adorned in my bedroom, but given the circumstances, it played out just the way it was supposed to," she explained. "But obviously, having a new baby in the home means you have to be flexible sometimes," Joanna said. "Since bringing home Crew, our master bedroom has become a natural gathering place for our entire family. It's also where our only working fireplace is, so we all tend to settle in there in the evenings when the weather turns colder."

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