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Jolly Rancher and Sour Fruit Roll-Ups

Quick Question: Where Were Jolly Rancher and Sour Fruit Roll-Ups When We Were Kids?

Well, it would appear Fruit Roll-Ups went ahead and decided to release the ultimate back-to-school snack a little early. Earlier this month, the nostalgic brand announced two new flavours now popping up on supermarket shelves: Jolly Rancher and Sour Fruit Roll-Ups.

Boxes of the Jolly Rancher variety come with Fruit Roll-Ups that taste like the watermelon or green apple hard candies, while the sour ones taste like blue raspberry or berry punch. A food blogger who tried the Jolly Rancher ones wrote on Instagram, "From the minute you smell it upon opening to the end with it sticking to your teeth a bit they totally nailed the Jolly Rancher smell and flavour and stickiness."

The real pièce de résistance? They both contain temporary "tongue tattoos," which truthfully offer varying results if you've ever attempted one, but nonetheless, still a fun feature. So far, the new Fruit-Roll Ups have been spotted around the country at chains including Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer. Check out photos of the fun lunch-box addition ahead!

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