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Kids Things to Throw Away

30 Kids' Things You Should Throw Away Right Away

When you have kids, it seems like the buildup of stuff is endless. There are, of course, those items that every parent needs, whether it's newborn essentials or items that help your child grow and stay healthy as they become toddlers and beyond. There are also cherished belongings that you'll want to hold on forever, like their first baby blanket or a treasured artwork. But eventually, much of your child's belongings start to become clutter, and learning how to scale back is an essential skill that every parent should have. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can ensure you're only holding onto the items you and your children need. While some things can (and should) be donated, consider throwing out the items below for a tidier home!

  1. Toys they haven't played with in the past six months to a year
  2. Old art projects (save the special ones!)
  3. Broken toys
  4. Sippy cups, if they've outgrown them
  5. Soothers, if they don't need them anymore
  6. Baby bibs
  7. Toys that they have duplicates of
  8. Old battery-operated toys
  9. Tattered books
  10. Duplicate books
  11. Dry markers and pens
  12. Permanently stained clothes
  13. Ripped and torn clothing
  14. Baby bottles
  15. Leftover baby products (creams, ointments, etc.)
  16. Mittens and socks missing their match
  17. Games with missing pieces
  18. Worn-out shoes
  19. Birthday cards
  20. Cheap toys (like Happy Meal toys)
  21. Cribs, unless you are still planning to have another little one
  22. Car seats (especially those that don't adhere to current regulations)
  23. Old Halloween costumes that don't fit
  24. Unused stuffed animals
  25. Technology they've outgrown
  26. Completed colouring and activity books
  27. Broken chalk
  28. Crayon nubs
  29. Rock or shell collections they no longer care for
  30. Out-of-date trading cards
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