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Kylie Jenner's Baby Stormi Gets Ears Pierced

Kylie Jenner Pierced Baby Stormi's Ears – And You Can Imagine How People Are Reacting

Kylie Jenner has been in the news this week, thanks to a Forbes cover announcing that she might just become the youngest-ever self-made billionaire in history, thanks to her successful Kylie Cosmetics company. But leave it to mommy shamers to find something else for her to make headlines about.

On Wednesday night, the proud mom shared an adorable pink-tinted video of herself giving 5-month-old daughter Stormi kisses on Snapchat. Her daughter, it was revealed, had ears pierced with tiny stud earrings.

Although some couldn't handle all the cuteness . . .

. . . others expressed their disappointment and, in some cases even, outrage:

The ear-piercing debate isn't a new one – it's come up with virtually every parent, celebrity or otherwise, who has opted to adorn their baby with a pair of earrings. Some consider it inappropriate, considering the child can't offer their consent, while others think it's harmless and no one's business but the child's parents.

Whether Kylie knew her sweet social snaps would elicit such controversy, it doesn't seem like she's too concerned . . . and it doesn't seem like Stormi is anything but unconditionally loved.

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