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A Letter to My Post-Baby Boobs

Dear Post-Baby Boobs, I Still Love You

Dear Post-Baby Boobs,

I know you might not believe me when I say this, but I still love you. I know I've had my days where I've belittled you, argued with you, and even wrangled you in and out of some bras (or with a newborn), but really, I could never hate you. I'm sorry for the things I said to you when I was angry, and I'd really love to be friends again. I mean, we've been through a lot together over the years, haven't we? From budding bumps in my tween years to being perfectly perky in my teens to the downhill slopes you are today, you've always been there.

It's funny, I most definitely took you for granted when I was a teenager and in my 20s. I tucked you away inside my bras for the most part, hiding you from the world. I was insecure, even then. I felt awkward carrying you around everywhere. But if I knew then what would transpire after pregnancy and feeding babies with you, I would have embraced you so much more. You were pretty damn great, and I'm sorry I didn't let you shine.

During pregnancy, you ballooned, and yes, looked pretty terrific. And after the babies were born, well, you continued to grow. Only that time, it hurt. The milk came in with a fury and leaked everywhere. I even had to be careful when leaving for the grocery store to make sure my pads were stuffed into my bra so that the clerk didn't see milk stains on my shirt. You were very unpredictable. But as mothers do, I learned to adjust and accept.

Then you made me feel very inadequate as a new mother. I didn't know how to nurse my babies with you. It didn't come naturally to me, and I felt like you betrayed me. I got really angry with you at times, and for that, I'm sorry. You were only trying to do what my body was supposed to do.

And now that my baby-making days are behind me, you're left deflated. It's as though someone popped you with a pin, letting all of that bounciness and youthful air out. Today, you just kind of hang there. Also, um, my nipples are inverted. Before having kids, I never even knew that was a thing. It's a little gross — something I rarely even let my husband see — so thanks a lot for that!

But, don't worry — it's cool. I'm not mad anymore. In fact, I'm pretty OK with it all. With all of the changes you've gone through over the years, you've truly given me confidence. I'm no longer that insecure teenager with blooming buds or that new mother who didn't know how to nurse. You've proven that I can get through anything. You've taught me that the size, shape, or perkiness don't mean a thing. You've made me stronger and resilient.

After helping me grow and feed two babies, I'm cool with how you look today, because you've done so much. You lived a lot of lives. You've been through hell and back. I'm thankful that we can still be friends and you don't mind me tucking you inside a push-up bra. So, my dearest girls, deflated or not, I will always love you. Thanks for everything.

A Thankful and Happy Mom

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