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Lizzo's Truth Hurts Parody For Parents

These Moms Created a "Truth Hurts" Parody For Parents, and Yep, It's 100% Accurate

Truth Hurts - Momstrosity

Inspired by our Queen, Lizzo, we present to you: Truth Hurts (Motherhood Edition.) For more, follow Momstrosity! Join us on Instagram for extra shenanigans #momstrosity #lizzo #sashaflutin

Posted by Momstrosity on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Stephanie Hollifield and Eliza Morrill, two bloggers at Momstrosity with wicked senses of humour, are utterly obsessed with Lizzo. So much so that the pair spoofed the 31-year-old singer's single "Truth Hurts" by changing the lyrics to make it fit mom life. And while I've seen a lot of parodies in my day, this one certainly takes the cake. Stephanie and Eliza hit on everything from dealing with skid marks (yuck!) to the importance of me time and making their kids ask their dads for help every once in a while. In fact, the music video is so spot on with parent life parallels, as both moms can be seen sucking down Capri Suns the entire video, and a recorder even makes an appearance. Talk about running with a theme!

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