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Meghan Markle Touching Baby Bump Pictures

38 Times Meghan Markle's Hands Made Contact With Her Baby Bump, as Pregnant Women Do

Meghan Markle Touching Baby Bump Pictures
Image Source: Getty

Remember when Meghan Markle had the audacity to rest her hands on her pregnant belly while on stage at the Fashion Awards in London? The duchess was dragged on Twitter for what many people perceived as an ostentatious gloat, while others passionately came to her defence. As a pregnant woman myself, I can say that posing for pictures while pregnant can be awkward. The "where do I put my hands?!" panic that comes just before the shutter clicks, not to mention the pestering insecurity about all of the physical changes that happen, is real. But despite whichever belly-touching camp you stake your flag in, it's clear that Meghan Markle isn't letting social media shaming dictate her hand placement. Take a look at the duchess resting a hand (or two!) on her baby bump while living her best pregnant royal life.

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