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Mom's Grocery Cart Hack

This 2-Second Grocery Cart Hack Makes Shopping With Kids About a Million Times Easier

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Posted by Laura Castrillo on Saturday, September 22, 2018

Laura Castrillo, a mom from Houston, TX, needed to find a way to get her son into a shopping cart without physically lifting him. But after two years of just hoisting him up, she learned a clever hack from another mother who has a special needs son: lifting the front panel of the cart up so her little boy can crawl in. The busy mama shared her knowledge with the rest of the parenting community on Facebook, and we're forever grateful.

"I started doing it with my own kids because lifting them into a shopping cart can be difficult," she told POPSUGAR. "They're heavy, and I'm very short in comparison to a shopping cart, since I'm only 5' tall."

Laura has also found that the two-second hack is a great solution for her mom, who has disabilities.

"My mom is permanently disabled due to multiple back problems," explained Laura. "After taking my son on errands with her, she complained that lifting him in and out of the cart had left her back very sore. I recorded the video to show her how we get around that. I thought it could help others."

Bless you, Laura, because we're totally stealing this idea.

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