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Mom on How Pregnancy Feels Like Being a Man

Mom’s Video Highlights the Ways Pregnancy Can Make You “Feel More Like a Man,” and LOL

Shania Twain's iconic lyric, "Man, I feel like a woman," was likely not what was on Maribeth Monroe's mind as she wrote the script for her latest video, MaterniDbag, a hilarious look at why pregnancy has actually made three friends feel more like stereotypical men than they ever have before. From feeling hungrier than you ever have to openly farting in public and needing to spread your legs to accommodate your belly when you sit, it's hard not to laugh at their analyses.

"I was about six months pregnant when I commented to a friend that the only way I felt comfortable standing anymore was if I puffed my chest and belly out like 'proud man,'" Maribeth told HuffPost. "She thought that was really funny, so I started thinking about all the other very 'dude-like' behaviours I had adopted lately . . . I wanted to make something that celebrated the ridiculous parts of pregnancy."

And that she most definitely did. Check out the hysterical video, and prepare to nod along as you recall your own adventures in pregnancy.

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