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Mom Takes Baths With Sons

1 Mom Fired Back at Mommy-Shamers Who Said Her Instagram Photo Was "Wrong on So Many Levels"

British reality star Stacey Solomon is firing back at mommy-shamers who criticized her for taking a bath with her two sons back in March.

She faced the backlash after sharing a post to Instagram of her and her two sons, 9-year-old Zachary and 5-year-old Leighton, taking a bubble bath.

The reality TV star shared the picture with the caption: "Isn't being a mum just the best thing in the world? Even when they're shooting you in the face with their water pistols. Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers, grandmothers, careers, aunties, sisters, and best friends. [Y]ou're all mothers in my eyes, one way or another!"

Then the parenting police came for her in the comments. Many criticized the mom for not teaching her children about "boundaries and privacy," and another took a more direct approach saying, "This is wrong in so many levels."

After reading through the negative comments, Solomon went on the British talk show Loose Women this week to defend herself and explain that bathing together is pretty normal in her household.

"It's almost like having dinner and going to bed and reading bedtime stories. Having a bath together is how we communicate and socialise, and that's a massive part of our daily routine," she said.

Solomon also pointed the finger at the mommy-shamers who think there's something wrong with her parenting choices.

"I'm not horrified at all," explained Solomon. "Anyone who's horrified at the thought of parents sharing a bath with their children, I think has issues."

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