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Mom Wears Baby While Waiting Tables

This Mom Had to Wear Her Baby While Waiting Tables, and the Video Is Just Too Cute

Mom Straps On Baby While Waiting Tables In Snow Storm

❤❄❄❤ Baby Eleanor is stealing hearts on the job while waiting tables with her mom at M’Coul’s Public House in Greensboro. Her mom had to bring Eleanor due to the all the snow and ice.

Posted by WFMY News 2 on Monday, December 10, 2018

After a storm recently dumped several inches of snow on some of the southern states, Tate Edwards — a waitress at M'Coul's Public House in Greensboro, NC — had no other choice but to bring her 5-month-old daughter Ellanore to work with her. Thankfully, CBS affiliate WFMY captured Tate wearing her little one while going table to table, and our hearts are essentially melted.

"She's done it with me a couple of times, so it's not her first rodeo," Tate told WFMY. As for the customers' reactions? They can't get enough of Ellanore. "Most people are so excited to see her," said the 22-year-old mom. "Babies make everything better, and she's just so smiley and so happy."

In fact, CBS reported that bringing her baby along has been good for business. Tate got a 25 percent tip from one table alone. How sweet!

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