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Morgan and Bode Miller's Third Baby's Name

Bode and Morgan Miller “Got to Know” Their Son For 3 Weeks Before Naming Him, but It Was Worth the Wait

Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, welcomed their third child together, a baby boy, on Oct. 5, and are finally sharing his adorable name with the world. Inspired by the town Bode grew up in in New Hampshire, the newborn was given the name Easton, with middle names Vaughn and Rek (the latter of which Bode jokes Morgan "isn't that nuts about"). After Easton's birth at home, it took the couple three weeks to find the perfect name for their son.

"We got all kinds of criticism for it," he told Today's Savannah Guthrie. "If you go in a hospital, you can't leave the hospital [without a name], but at home birth, you can do whatever you want. So all the kids were going to school and everyone was like, 'What's his name?' and we [said], 'We just call him baby brother,' and everyone thought we were just crazy. Once we got to know him, it was really clear."

Easton's birth came just four months after the couple lost their daughter, Emmy, in a tragic drowning accident in June and exactly one month before their baby girl would have celebrated her second birthday.

"If there's one thing that can kind of help to heal and fill that spot in your heart, it's a baby, and he's a special one. Besides the lack of sleep, it's been a really nice process to be able to go through," Bode said. "It's unbelievable, it's been six months since we lost Emmy . . . It's not easy. I don't think it gets much easier." He added of his older kids, 3-year-old Nash, whom he shares with Morgan, and 5-year-old Samuel and 10-year-old Neesyn, his children from previous relationships: "The kids talk about her all the time, which is really good, but obviously hard, too. We have to, she's everywhere in our house. You notice it. You feel the loss, but she's still part of our family."

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