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Nicole Phelps on Breast Pumping in Public

Nicole Phelps Doesn't Think Moms Should Have to "Hide in a Bathroom" to Feed Their Kids

Although Nicole Phelps leads a busy life thanks to her Olympian husband and her two sons, she admits that making sure her 3-month-old son Beckett is fed is a top priority. While she understands that breastfeeding in public might not be every mom's cup of tea, she took the time to step out of a foundation gala for a few moments to sneak in some pumping. Nicole shared a PSA on Instagram as to why feeding your baby isn't the least bit sexual, and it should really be blasted over a loudspeaker.

"Motherhood is one of the most incredible experiences and being able to breastfeed is a gift. This was the longest stretch of time I was without Beckett since he was born," she said. "I knew he needed milk OFTEN and thankfully I had a milk runner to get him more. I stepped away from our foundation gala to take a moment [to] pump — hands-free — thankful I could sit with my back to the room we were in and get it done."

Nicole is aware that not every person is going to agree with her stance on the matter, but she doesn't really care if she gets dirty looks, because feeding her child is far more important. "Some won't agree with where I did this and even worse if I was sitting there with Beckett nursing people might judge me," she said. "But breastfeeding is NATURAL. I have to admit there were times at the Olympics I was feeding Boomer in the stands."

She adds that having feelings of anxiety or guilt about feeding your infant only adds to the problem. The bottom line? Mothers should be able to nurse anywhere.

"I want it to be known women don't have to hide in a bathroom to take a moment to provide our babies with food. We should be able to, without judgment nurse/pump ([it's] easier with a wireless pump) anywhere we're comfortable . . . because we all know you're not going to 'let down' if you're not relaxed!"

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