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Photos of the Beckhams Kissing Harper on the Lips

All the Times the Beckhams Unapologetically Kissed Their Daughter on the Lips

Photos of the Beckhams Kissing Harper on the Lips

On any given day, the internet can be chock-full of heartbreaking stories that centre on parenting mistakes, whether it's kids who are left in hot cars or tragically drown when their caregiver looks away for a few moments. So in a world where devastating situations seem to always be in the news, it absolutely befuddles me when people on the internet go after celebrity parents like David and Victoria Beckham for doing something as innocent as kissing their only daughter on the lips.

And it's not just internet trolls who go after the famous couple. Piers Morgan recently attacked the father of four on Good Morning Britain for his "weird" actions, commenting that posting photos of the sweet interaction isn't appropriate. "It's very sweet . . . [but] why would a father kiss his daughter on the lips? Don't get it — creepy . . . You posted that for the world, why?" Cue the eye rolls, right?

Despite receiving the seriously unjustified backlash, both Victoria and David haven't stopped showing their 7-year-old daughter affection the best way they know how: by planting a big wet one on her. And just to be clear, kissing your children on the lips isn't weird in the least. It's how this mom and dad show Harper that they love her, and what could be more wholesome than that? Scroll through to get a peek at all their unapologetic moments.

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