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Pink and Carey Hart Family Meeting in Bathroom August 2018

LOL! Pink's Family Had to Gather For a Family Meeting While Her Husband Was on the Toilet

There's no peace for parents — even toilet time can become a family affair, as Pink and Carey Hart know. The 38-year-old singer recently snapped a photo of her husband, Carey, on the toilet while their son Jameson sat at his feet and their daughter Willow stood in front of her.

Pink and Carey are known for being the relatable parents of our dreams, and this latest raw family footage is no exception. Carey shared the hilarious snap with the caption, "Dude, can I just take a sh*t?? Family meetings always have to happen when I'm pissing off IG 😂." Hey, Carey, parents everywhere understand your (not-so-serious) frustration. When you need to have a family meeting, you need to have one, and that can take precedence over precious bathroom time. Let's just hope this gathering resolved itself quickly, so Carey could regain a little personal space . . . until the next toilet trip, that is!

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