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Police Dog Performs CPR on Lifeless Officer

Police Dog Attempts CPR on "Lifeless" Officer – And Be Still, Our Beating Hearts

You're going to want to check your pulse after watching this video of a police dog named Poncho performing CPR on an officer during a Municipal Police of Madrid training session.

Poncho, who wore a blue police light on a harness, reacted quickly when his handler pretended to collapse. As the officer lies "lifeless" on a mat, the pup runs over and immediately begins jumping up and down on his chest, somewhat replicating the CPR technique.

As onlookers laughed at the sweet sight, Poncho snuggled up to the man's face, seemingly checking for signs of breathing or even a pulse.

While it's unclear if these moves could actually resuscitate a person, the police department described it on Twitter as a "heroic performance." The tweet said in Spanish that Poncho "did not hesitate for a moment to 'save the life' of the agent, practicing CPR in a masterful way."

Be still, our rapidly beating hearts . . . because maybe it'll give Poncho an excuse to come snuggle us!

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