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Police Officers Save Trapped Kitten

These New York City Police Officers Did the Absolute Most to Save a Trapped Kitten

One tiny tuxedo kitten got the ride of a lifetime after getting stuck in the undercarriage of a car. The driver was cruising down the Jackie Robinson Parkway in New York City when he spotted the animal and stopped to avoid hitting it. But after getting out of the vehicle, the little four-legged kitty was out of sight.

"He stopped to avoid running the animal over — but when he looked around, she was nowhere to be found," reported The New York Post. "The driver continued his trip to West 135th Street and 7th Avenue in Harlem — about 18 miles away — completely unaware that the terrified kitten was clinging to the undercarriage of the vehicle the entire way."

Eventually, the driver heard the meows and immediately pulled over and flagged down an officer for help. Moments later, seven members of the 32nd Precinct showed up with a car jack to save the day. Once the furball was safe and sound, the officers posted the news to their Twitter account.

"NYPD rescued this kitten trapped in the undercarriage of this vehicle," read the caption. "Not a good place for a catnap, especially when we are experiencing code blue. With the help of NYPD schools, NYPD special ops & 32 Precinct Patrol this kitten is safe in a Harlem animal rescue shelter."

Hopefully, the sweet little kitty is adopted soon!

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