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Questions Moms Stop Getting Asked When Kid Turns 4

Fear Not: Once Your Kid Turns 4, You’ll Never Be Asked These Annoying Questions Again

Those first few years of parenthood are rife with judgment — some self-inflicted, but mostly, it's thrust upon us by seemingly doting relatives, fellow moms on Facebook, and strangers at the grocery store: "So, did you get an epidural?" "What's in the bottle? Breastmilk?" "You let your baby cry it out?"

All those leading questions feel so overwhelming, as if you'll never shake the repercussions of whatever decision you made.

Thankfully Reddit user Masquerade78, whose daughter just turned 4 years old, has some promising news.

"I know a lot of moms grapple with a lot of different choices during those first few months that can seem extremely difficult," she wrote. "So, just for some perspective, now that my kiddo is four, there are things no one ever asks me about anymore."

Then, she listed the seven questions she no longer has to awkwardly answer:

  1. Was she breastfed or formula-fed?
  2. Was she a natural birth or C-section?
  3. Did I get an epidural?
  4. Did she co-sleep or crib-sleep?
  5. Did I sleep train?
  6. Any questions about what she eats (exception being her pediatrician)
  7. Did I use cloth or disposable diapers?

"My point is, do what feels right," she concluded. "Love and feed your babies, and love and feed yourself. Seek help if you need it but don't let anyone shame you into anything. You're doing great, parents."

And there is light at the end of that judgmental tunnel!

Image Source: Flickr user David D
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