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Savannah Guthrie’s Daughter Starting Preschool

The Reason Savannah Guthrie’s Daughter Refused to Start Preschool Will Make Your Heart Melt

No one likes missing out. Whether it's a party, a holiday, or even a great brainstorm session at work, realising there was an enjoyable moment that went on without you is a terrible feeling. It's the reason why FOMO (fear or missing out) is a widely used acronym.

And that feeling of FOMO isn't limited to just adults. In fact, Savannah Guthrie just revealed that her very own daughter is already experiencing it.

The TODAY show anchor recently told People that her 4-year-old daughter Vale didn't want to start preschool for an adorable reason. "She said, 'I want to stay home with you and Charley and Daddy,' Guthrie shared. WIth her younger brother being only 21-months-old, Vale just didn't want to miss out on the action. "She had total FOMO," Savannah continued. "She thought that this whole party was going on without her while she's off at school." Fortunately, Guthrie was able to explain to sweet Vale that no one would be home and that she wouldn't be missing out on any big family moments, which seemed to convince her. Still, it's melting our hearts just thinking about it.

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