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Should I Post Photos of My Child on Social Media?

Parents, Here's Why Consent Matters When It Comes to Posting Photos of Your Kids on Social Media

Kids demanding consent isn’t “disrespectful.”

It's no secret that today's parents have a whole host of technological challenges that their parents never had to deal with. Even deciding when to allow your child to have a cell phone leads to increasingly complicated questions: are they old enough to have an Instagram account? Should we have a sexting talk?

But what happens when parents are the perpetrators when it comes to bad social media etiquette? Recently, Apple Martin — Gwyneth Paltrow's 14-year-old daughter — criticized her mom for sharing a photo of her on Instagram without asking her first. In the comments section, Apple wrote: "Mom, we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent."

Although some of Gwyneth's followers went as far to call Apple "disrespectful" and "entitled," she does have a point, doesn't she? In a time where everyone from online bullies to future employers can learn everything about you with a few clicks, shouldn't each person have the right to decide which photos — or videos, God forbid — make its way on the internet?

The answer is yes. Here's exactly why.

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