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Should Kids Use Loofas in the Bath?

This $2 Product May Be the Answer to All Your Kids' Bath Routine Troubles

The best $1.99 I ever spent, or how I convinced my daughter to wash herself in the bath from Parenting

While most moms and dads usually revel in a warm shower that (hopefully) allows them a sacred five minutes of privacy, wrangling kids and plopping them into the tub is an entirely different story. Thankfully, one clever Reddit user revealed that letting her child use a loofa makes their routine go so much smoother, and it only set her back two bucks!

The brilliantly simple idea came about after the mom decided her 5-year-old daughter — who "would rather have me do stuff for her than do things for herself" — was old enough to start washing herself in the tub. But in order to make that happen, she needed to resort to a little bribery.

"I told her that if she would wash herself in the bath, I would get her a bath pouf," she wrote. "I went to Target and got a pink one for $1.99. Then I let her look at it before bath time. She not only washed herself with the pouf that night, she washed her hair!"

And naturally, the loofa idea caught on in their household because as we all know, if one sibling gets something, the other one will want their own thing — whatever it may be — immediately.

"Her almost 3-year-old brother (who is generally more interested in doing stuff for himself) got jealous. I told him that I would get him a pouf, but he has to wash himself — poufs are for people who wash themselves in the bath. . . He picked out a green one. And now he's washing himself!"

Mission accomplished.

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