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Signs You're the Youngest Child

12 Things You'll Relate to If You're the Baby of the Family


I was the oldest of three kids, so I'll admit I never really understood the plight of the youngest child until I had children of my own. As I see my youngest daughter growing up, it is clear that her birth order totally affects her personality. And oh, does she fit pretty much every stereotype associated with being the littlest one. Since she has two older sisters, she's much (much) louder than they are, because she has to speak up just to be heard. She's also growing up faster than her sisters, mostly due to the fact that she just wants to keep up with them. Cue the mini heels and asking to wear makeup! Did I mention she is only 5 years old? If you, or someone you know, is a youngest child, you'll relate to these signs that your birth order really does play a role in who you are, and how you go through life.

  1. You'll always be the baby.
    Even when you're an adult. My little sister is getting married at the age of 30, and I'm still like, "Isn't she way too young to be someone's wife?" Similarly, I'm still in denial that my little girl is ready for kindergarten. She graduates to the first grade in two months. AH!
  2. You are a pacifist.
    My husband is also the youngest of three kids, and his motto is, "Can't we all just get along?"
  3. You are kind of easy-going, but no, you really have to get your way.
    Youngest children are often thought of as followers, because their older sibs tell them what to do. Underneath that go-with-the-flow attitude is a rebellious spirit, the same one that supplies that superloud voice. And in my experience, youngests use the favour they've earned being the baby to stealthily get what they want.
  4. You are super self-sufficient, out of necessity.
    Your mom didn't have time to help you learn how to tie your shoes, so you taught yourself. This is a great life skill, so thanks, birth order.
  5. You get into a hobby or activity because your older siblings love it. Then, you do something completely different.
    Youngest kids need their own thing. Which is why my older daughters are on the swim team, while my little one just quit to do gymnastics.
  6. You do everything way earlier than your older siblings.
    Like get a phone. Because your parents are over it. I mean, putting off the older kids took enough of their energy. There's nothing left!
  7. Sometimes, you don't even notice, or get offended, that when you're talking, no one is listening to you.
    You're used to it!
  8. You may be super emotional.
    Because when being really, really loud didn't get your family's attention, you cried. Really, really loudly. Which usually worked like a charm, so why stop now?
  9. You're a major smarty pants.
    You always try to keep up with your older siblings, so you read sooner and maybe better! Now you're just waiting for someone in your family to notice you being an overachiever.
  10. You are also a major sweetie pie.
    Since your family treats you like the baby of the family (because you are), you have been the object of a lot of compassion and love. Which you promptly mirror to everyone else. Whenever I'm feeling blue, the first kid in my family to come over and ask if I'm OK is my little one.
  11. You are very independent.
    This one goes along with being a self-starter. You aren't afraid to try something new, or go out on your own. Because mom and dad couldn't always make it to your practice or scout meeting, you went in solo. And totally rocked it.
  12. You have a lot of friends.
    Being the youngest means you are good at getting along with all different types of people. If you have always been popular, with a large circle of friends, it might be because you're a youngest. See, it's not all bad!
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