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Solo: A Star Wars Story Parent's Guide

Everything You Need to Know Before Taking Your Kids to See Solo: A Star Wars Story

Less than a year after releasing Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lucasfilm and Disney are back with another in-between-episodes film, this time featuring everyone's favourite scoundrel, Han Solo. Before taking your kids to see Solo: A Star Wars Story after it hits theatres on May 25, there are a few things you might want to know in order to determine if your kids are old enough to enjoy the film, which outlines Han's backstory.

Warning: minor spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story lie ahead.

  1. It's rated PG-13 — but skews a little younger. Despite the rating, Solo is definitely a mild enough film for your younger kids, as long as you know they can handle the classic Star Wars battle scenes without issue.
  2. There is a fair amount of weapons. From blasters to long poles that channel a dangerous amount of electricity, this movie has its share of crazy weapons that are used to harm people. This is typical for a Star Wars film, but worth noting.
  3. You'll get that classic Star Wars action, but it's mostly humourous. Even when the characters are in peril — bar one or two scenes — Han and the other characters find a way to deliver some comic relief, which alerts the audience that nothing too serious is about to happen.
  4. Several characters meet violent ends. Although many of the casualties aren't particularly highlighted, as they're a result of hectic battles, there are two deaths that were actually pretty sad. One was sacrificial, which made it even more upsetting — and could be something that your young child might need explained to them.
  5. There's one notable "jump" scene. During the Kessel Run, Han and the gang are trying to navigate the Millennium Falcon to their destination, when they come face to face with a giant eye belonging to an octopus-like creature with sharp teeth. It's a pretty dark scene lighting-wise, so I for sure jumped when the monster made its appearance.
  6. Dryden Vos's appearance could frighten really young kids. You know your child best, and this might be a nonissue, but one of the villains, Crimson Dawn's Dryden Vos, has a slightly jarring appearance — there are scars all up and down his face.
  7. None of the characters' friendships can be trusted, which is a bummer. Aside from Chewie and Han (BFFs forever), there really isn't a relationship in this film that is based on trust. All of the characters stab each other in the backs, fail to deliver on promises, and lie to each other — a few topics that might be worth bringing up with younger kids as things NOT to do as a friend.
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