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Trader Joe's Sign Features Juice Pouch Review From Kid

Trader Joe's Features an Adorable Juice Pouch Review From "This Kid Daren"

It's really hard to shop according to our kid's preferences. First of all, they can't be trusted — my kid loved the "pink plate" at dinner last night, but by breakfast that morning, that same pink plate was utterly unacceptable. Even still, there's just no outlet for kid-created reviews on which we could base our purchasing decisions. There's no Yelp for toddlers, and even though all the toys on Amazon are marketed to the youth demographic, the only online reviews come from parents, or even more unreliable, grandparents.

Finally, one grocery store is doing its part to give a voice to its smallest customers. Last week, a devoted Trader Joe's shopper happened upon "my favourite Trader Joe's sign ever." Alongside a box of the store's branded organic mixed berry juice pouches was a laminated review stating: "Voted No. 1 Juice Pouch . . . by this kid Daren who shops here on Wednesdays with his mom."

OK, so it definitely must be good then. Thanks, Daren, for the solid recommendation. As a thank you, my kids insist you try Trader Joe's Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks and the Cheddar Rocket Crackers. You will not be disappointed.

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