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Video of Boy Getting Ketchup For Christmas

This Little Boy Had the Perfect Reaction to Getting Ketchup For Christmas

Morgan Deichert takes her role as an aunt very seriously. So when her nephew Sawyer asked for ketchup for Christmas, she knew it was her time to shine. Although ketchup may not be on every little kid's Christmas list, according to a now-viral video Morgan shared on Twitter, Sawyer meant what he said. Morgan captioned the clip: "When your nephew asks for ketchup for Christmas, you get him ketchup for Christmas," and his reaction is one of the purest things we've ever seen in our lives.

Clearly, the rest of the world agreed. So far, the sweet video has racked up nearly five million views and 355,000 likes. In fact, Heinz even tweeted out the video on Twitter, promising to throw him a themed birthday party. The brand wrote: "When you get your nephew ketchup for Christmas, we throw him a big Heinz party for his birthday." Fingers crossed all of Sawyer's ketchup dreams come true!

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