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Video of Drag Queen Performing Baby Shark

This Video of a Drag Queen Performing Baby Shark Is So Good, She Should Do Birthday Parties

For parents with little kids, any moment that "Baby Shark" isn't either playing or stuck in your head is truly a precious gift. But after a cute toddler naturally requested to hear the song at brunch one afternoon, a drag queen named Marti Gould Cummings quickly obliged. She shared the sweet performance on social media with the caption: "When a 2-year-old comes to brunch you perform baby shark for them!!!" and, yep, it appears that every single person on earth knows the words. We're not the only ones who can feel the love in this tender moment — as soon as the video hit Twitter, it quickly went viral. So far, the clip has more than 40,000 likes and over 6,500 retweets. How adorable!

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