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Video of Man Finding Out He'll Be an Uncle at IHOP

Video of Guy Discovering He'll Be an Uncle at IHOP Proves Waiters Always Come at the Worst Time

His reaction when I told him he was gonna be an uncle! from aww

Sometimes, good news is best delivered over pancakes. That's probably what one woman, Reddit user LitFanatic, was thinking when she and her husband decided to take her brother to IHOP (no, not IHOb!) to reveal that he's going to soon become an uncle. However, she couldn't seem to wait to share the news — she handed him a gift and started recording his reaction while they still had their menus out.

The man's reaction to the personalized onesie, which included his nickname "Bubba," was adorable. His eyes lit up, he exclaimed, "Really?!" and then removed his glasses so he could have a good cry.

"He really just loves kids and knew we were trying to conceive," LitFanatic, who is six weeks along, said. "Plus, he was running on, like, four hours of sleep and has always been one to wear his emotions on his sleeves."

Heart-melting emotions aside, what probably helped make this video go viral wasn't just the happy tears but, as one commenter pointed out, "the waitress always picks the worst time to come to the table!" Another commenter confirmed that it's a painfully typical encounter:


That's right: if you watch the full video, the unassuming waitress pops by at the end with a "Hi guys!" The soon-to-be-uncle wipes his watery eyes, the camera shuts off, and just like that, it's time to order.

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