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Video of Mom Proves You Can't Take Your Eyes Off Kids

We Guarantee You Won't Know Where to Look While Watching This Video That Perfectly Sums Up Parenthood

Can’t turn away for a second. from funny

Need proof that you can't take your eyes off your kids for even a second? This video of a mom returning home from a walk with her two kids and dog — taken from an outdoor security camera — confirms that it's wise for parents to never, ever let their guard down.

As the mom helps her daughter punch in the garage door security code, her other child is seen getting restless in a stroller next to the family pet, whose leash is lying on the ground.

What makes this security cam footage all the more hilarious is that, even if you watch it fully aware that something ridiculous is about to happen, we guarantee you won't see the surprising twist coming.

Go on, see for yourself.

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