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Virgo Zodiac Baby Names

57 Purely Perfect Baby Names For a Virgo

Babies born between Aug. 23 and Sep. 22 will bring a whole load of Virgo perfection to your life. Virgos are said to be modest and pure, like the virgin that represents this sixth sign of the zodiac. With earth as their element, Virgos are often associated with harvest, industry, and craftsmanship. As their ruling planet is Mercury, it's hardly surprising those born under this star sign are often intelligent and great communicators, with careers in healing. They're also typically dependable, discerning, and hardworking, with a willingness to serve and great attention to detail. Take inspiration from these associations with our suggestions for Virgo baby names, and if you're still deciding on a moniker for a little one born between Jul. 23 and Aug. 22, check out names for a Leo.

Names For Virgo Girls

  1. Adara: Arabic, means "virgin"
  2. Agnes: Greek, means "pure and chaste"
  3. Amelia: Teutonic, means "industrious"
  4. Anona: Latin, means "goddess of the harvest"
  5. Artemis: Greek, from the virgin goddess
  6. Astraea: Greek, from the goddess of justice and innocence, (became the constellation Virgo)
  7. Caitlin/Kaitlyn Irish-Gaelic, means "pure"
  8. Catherine/Katherine Greek, means "pure"
  9. Ceres Roman, from the goddess of the harvest
  10. Conchita,Spanish, means "virgin"
  11. Cybele: Greek, means "goddess of the harvest"
  12. Daphne: Greek, means "virgin"
  13. Deborah: Hebrew, means "an industrious woman"
  14. Demeter: Greek, from the goddess of grain, agriculture, and the harvest
  15. Emily: Teutonic, means "industrious"
  16. Fabrianne: Latin, means "maid of good works, resourceful craftswoman"
  17. Glenda: Welsh, means "pure and good"
  18. Hermione: Greek, the feminine form of Hermes (Mercury), means "a maid of high degree"
  19. Lilian: English, means "pure"
  20. Karen: Danish, means "pure"
  21. Marian: Hebrew, means "sacred virgin"
  22. Mary: For the Virgin Mary from the New Testament
  23. Melissa: Greek, means "bee," which is the symbol of industry
  24. Morwenna/Morwyn Cornish/Welsh, means "a maiden"
  25. Neysa: Greek,means "chaste, pure"
  26. Paige: French, means "young servant"
  27. Rhea: Greek, means "earth goddess"
  28. Safia: Arabic, means "the pure one"
  29. Sapphire: The blue gemstone associated with Virgo
  30. Theresa: Greek, means "carrier of corn, reaper"
  31. Una: Latin, means "the one, perfection"
  32. Virginia: Latin, means "maid, virgin"
  33. Winifred: Welsh, comes from the patron saint of virgins
  34. Zaniah: A triple star system in the Virgo constellation

Names For Virgo Boys

  1. Abdiel: Hebrew, means "God's servant"
  2. Delroy: French, means "son or servant of the king"
  3. Demetrius: Greek, comes from Demeter, the goddess of the harvest
  4. Ellar: Scottish-Gaelic, means "a steward"
  5. Emery: German, means "industrious leader, ruler of work"
  6. Emil/Emile: Teutonic, means "industrious, striving"
  7. Eustace: Greek, means "fruitful harvest, steadfast"
  8. Ezra: Hebrew, means "the helper"
  9. Galen: Greek, means "healer, helper"
  10. George: Greek, means "earthworker, farmer"
  11. Gervais/Gervase/Jarvis Teutonic, means "a spear servant"
  12. Gower: Celtic, means "pure"
  13. Heilyn: Welsh, means "a steward"
  14. Hugh/Hugo: Teutonic, means "thinker"
  15. Jason, Greek, means "healer"
  16. Lancelot/Lance French, means "lance servant, he who serves"
  17. Mahir: Hebrew, means "industrious"
  18. Marshall: Teutonic, means "a steward"
  19. Nevin: Irish-Gaelic, means "the servant of the saints"
  20. Reeve: Old English, means "a steward"
  21. Stewart/Stuart: Old English, means "steward"
  22. Swain: Old Norse, means "youth in service"
  23. Thane: Old English, means "servant, soldier"
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