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When Can You Get an Epidural?

A Doula's Take on When It's OK to Get an Epidural Is Going Viral For the Best Reason

A doula’s perspective on when it’s okay to get an epidural. 🌈 from BabyBumps

For some reason, there's a lot of confusion about the use of an epidural during labor. Some women don't ask their doctor questions out of fear or embarrassment, and others β€” particularly those who've hired a doula to help during childbirth β€” believe they'd be shamed for considering pain medication.

In an image that was shared on Reddit that has since gone viral, a user β€” likely eager to set the record straight β€” shared "a doula's perspective on when it's OK to get an epidural." The short list of "situations" will probably surprise you. It turns out, you can get yourself that epidural whenever you damn well please.

(My own Ob-Gyn even confirmed that you can get an epidural as soon as you're admitted and that "it's never too late" to ask for one . . . as long as you can sit still long enough for the injection. So, my advice: don't be like me and wait to get to the hospital until you are eight centimeters dilated and literally vibrating in pain.)

And although it seems the message is clear that you can get yourself some pain medication "any time you want it," one of the clever Reddit commenters might have found the unfortunate loophole:


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