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When Is Shay Mitchell Due With Her First Child?

Shay Mitchell’s First Child Might Be Here Faster Than You Think

Back in January, Shay Mitchell started the new year on a sombre note by opening up about suffering a miscarriage in a heartbreaking Instagram Story. Then in late June, the Pretty Little Liars alum shared that she's pregnant with the most stunning photo shoot. Following her hilarious and action-packed Power Rangers gender reveal, we know that Shay is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend Matte Babel . . . but when?

Shay hasn't specified exactly when her due date is, but she has dropped a couple of hints. In her announcement video, "Guess Who's Preggers," Shay comments, "I've learned so much about myself and parenthood over the past 6 months." Although she could very well be referencing the six months between her miscarriage and pregnancy announcements, she also could be referring to the length of her pregnancy thus far. And based on the fact that she mentioned numerous times that she hid her pregnancy for so long that she was getting tired of oversize clothes, one can assume that she probably waited a little longer than the typical three months to announce her news.

Whether she's six months, four months, or eight months along, she's positively glowing, and we can't wait to meet this baby before 2019 is out. Congrats, Shay and Matte!

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