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Boy Dresses as Amanda Gorman For "Dress as Your Idol Day"

A 7-Year-Old Dressed Up as Amanda Gorman For "Dress as Your Idol Day," and Her Response Is a 10/10

Seven-year-old Jeremy Rowan has a brand-new hero: poet and activist Amanda Gorman. Having admired her poetry ever since he saw her perform at President Joe Biden's inauguration, he knew he wanted to look just like her for "Dress as Your Idol Day" during virtual school at Thousand Oaks Elementary in California — the same school that Kamala Harris attended as a child. Fortunately, his mom Kimberly was there to help, and after sharing Jeremy's look-a-like outfit on Twitter, the praise has been flooding in.

"This little guy chose to dress as Amanda Gorman for 'Dress as Your Idol' day at (remote) school," Kimberly wrote in a now-viral tweet that's amassed 33,300 favourites so far. "Thank you @TheAmandaGorman for inspiring all of our children to change the world!"

Kimberly explained that Jeremy's school had a virtual spirit week — which included themes such as crazy hair day and pajama day — to give the kids a sense of connection. "One day was 'Dress as Your Idol Day,'" Kimberly told POPSUGAR. "At the same time, their teacher was working with them on a writing unit focussed on biographies. Students were writing biographies on amazing figures such as Michelle Obama, Ruby Bridges, Mae Jemison, and, of course, Amanda."

"He really looks up to Amanda — she is such a strong youth leader and role model."

Because Jeremy had recently gotten an introduction to American politics in class, he quickly became more interested in Amanda, who is the first person to ever be named National Youth Poet Laureate. "His class studied the electoral college, the importance of voting, and the presidential oath in advance of the presidential election," shared Kimberly. "Then they watched the inauguration together as a class via Zoom and the kids were all floored by Amanda's performance."

When it came time to choose who Jermey was doing his biography project on, Amanda was the logical answer. He decided to take it a step further by dressing up as her. "He said he was dressing as Amanda since he was really enjoying reading her biography and writing a report about her life and poetry," said Kimberly. "When it came to finding the outfit, he knew right where to look in his closet, the costume box (that's where he found the clip-on pirate earring and the Oscar trophy!), and beyond. He had a blast coming up with the costume, and 'playing the part' because he really looks up to Amanda — she is such a strong youth leader and role model."

Eventually, the 23-year-old poet saw Jeremy's take on her inauguration look and felt compelled to respond on Twitter, writing, "When I dress up as my idol I have to dress up as him!" And yep, it's enough to make our hearts melt.

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