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How Many Kids Does Marc Anthony Have?

Megastar Marc Anthony Is Dad to 6 Kids — 4 Boys and 2 Girls!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 25:  Marc Anthony performs onstage during his

Ultrafamous Latin singer Marc Anthony has six mini-mes whom he totally adores! He's brought his six kids to a variety of events over the years and loves to spend time with them whenever he can. He told People en Español in 2019 that his kids are all very understanding of his busy schedule and spend time with him during his breaks. And despite his kids having different mothers, they all seem to be close with each other and with their half-siblings' mothers. Marc has even mastered coparenting with his children's other parents, which keeps the family tight-knit and supportive. Check out what we know about his six kids when you keep reading.

Arianna Muñiz

Arianna Muñiz was born June 26, 1994. She is Marc's oldest child, and her mother is Marc's ex girlfriend Debbie Rosado. Arianna has largely led a low-key life, only appearing in a few public photos here and there with her famous family. She's close with her dad and siblings, though, and has also had relationships with Marc's romantic partners throughout the years, even having girls' days out with stepmom Jennifer Lopez.

Alex "Chase" Muñiz

Alex "Chase" Muñiz was born June 5, 1995. Marc and ex-girlfriend Debbie adopted him as a baby, and he is Marc's oldest son. Chase is Marc's only adopted child, but he fits in seamlessly with his siblings and has been by his dad's side for many public appearances and celebrations.

Cristian Marcus Muñiz

Cristian Marcus Muñiz was born Feb. 5, 2001. Cristian is Marc's oldest child whom he shares with his ex-wife Dayanara Torres. He is named after Mexican singer Cristian Castro. Cristian, along with his brother Ryan, have attended several events with their famous dad. Though he doesn't use his Instagram much anymore, he has posted pictures of his art, showing how talented he is.

Ryan Adrian Muñiz

Ryan Adrian Muñiz was born Aug. 16, 2003. Ryan is Marc's second son whom he shares with ex-wife Dayanara. Ryan takes after his talented dad and also is a talented musician. Like all of Marc's kids, Ryan is close with his dad and has been by his side for many events and celebrations.

Emme Maribel Muñiz

Emme Maribel Muñiz was born Feb. 22, 2008. Emme is Marc's only daughter whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer, and she's twins with Max. She's a few minutes older than her twin brother. Like the rest of Marc's kids, Emme is also immensely talented when it comes to music. She's performed on some huge stages, including the Super Bowl, and clearly has a big future ahead of her like her megafamous parents.

Maximilian David Muñiz

Maximilian David Muñiz was born Feb. 22, 2008. Max is Marc's only son whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer. Max and Emme are Marc's youngest children. Max has the talent of both of his parents, as he showed in a school recital that both his parents attended, along with Jennifer's current beau Alex Rodriguez. Max even had a solo of his own in the show! Max also has a flair for the camera, which we got a glimpse of when he and Emme interviewed Jennifer for her YouTube channel.

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