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Max Greenfield Helped His Daughter Fail a Test by Accident

Max Greenfield's Daughter Didn't Study For a Test, and Asking Him For Help Proved to Be the Worst Option

Max Greenfield has been openly sharing his homeschooling struggles with his daughter Lilly over the last year, and unsurprisingly, his latest remote learning story has us in stitches. In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, the dad of two shared that things went awry when he attempted to help his 11-year-old cheat with a vocabulary test she hadn't prepared for.

When Kelly asks Max if doing school at home has gotten any easier since the last time they spoke, he replied simply, "No." Kelly laughs, sharing that she feels doing schoolwork with kids is "the quickest way to make you feel like a moron," which Max proved is true for him according to his latest tale.

"My daughter came running out of her room where she does most of her homeschool and said, 'I have my vocabulary test.' And I knew she hadn't studied and she knew she hadn't studied, and I don't want to necessarily call it cheating as much as we decided to do a part of it together," he said. "We got into just the spelling section of the test, not the actual word usage, and we did the spelling part together. I sat behind the computer and I would write down the words and I would show her on a piece of paper."

Although Max jokes that this certainly "wasn't cheating" and was, in fact, "bonding," both he and Lilly received pretty instant karma for their actions. "The really bad part of it — and this comes back to you bringing up the moron part — is, we didn't do that well," he says, as the entire audience loses it. Kelly asks through tears and giggles if he helped his daughter fail her test, and he replied: "Yes. She's in fifth grade, and let me tell you something, these were not fifth grade words, these were adult words. One of the words that I still don't understand . . . I misspelled astronaut."

Ooof, cheating is never the answer, folks!

Although Max may not be the world's best speller, he's decided to dabble in the world of children's literature, and is releasing a kids' book in November.

"The book is called I Don't Want to Read This Book — I think that could be the name of any book that's in my house when it comes to my kids," he joked. "The way that we describe it is, I think we all know that kid who always had a book in their hands . . . the one who just couldn't put it down. This book is for all the other kids."

Preorder a copy of I Don't Want to Read This Book here, and watch Max's entire interview in the video above.

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