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Mom on Why Parents Should List Parenting Duties on Resumes

A Mom Is Encourageing Parents to Include Their Childrearing Duties on Their Résumés Amid the Pandemic

Mom of three Megan Drye Harper is encourageing parents to include their recent childrearing duties on their résumés. She recently shared a screenshot of her response to a woman who asked if people should let their potential employers know that they have kids at home, and given the tumultuous year many parents have had amid COVID-19, Megan is certainly onto something.

"I'm in basically every mom tech/start-up Facebook group that exists," she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. "Someone asked the other day if they should tell the potential employer they're interviewing with that they're a mom. Being a mom is a strength in the workplace not a weakness!"

Megan also provided an example of how she updated her résumé to reflect what she accomplished amid the pandemic, and the kicker is impressive. "I achieved all of this while homeschooling a kindergartener, keeping a 3 year old entertained and nursing a baby between Zoom calls in my NYC apartment. Now, as we head back into a normal existence with childcare, imagine what I can do for your company in 2021."

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