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Mom's Sprinkle Hack to Get Kids to Take Medicine

This Mom's Supersweet Hack Is Perfect For Little Ones Who Hate Taking Medicine

Mom of two and former paramedic Nikki Jurcutz has always struggled with getting her kiddos to take medicine. But rather than trying to cajole her children to take it via syringe, she began using a sweet hack that involves sprinkles. And like most brilliant ideas, she has her mom to thank for the no-fuss method.

"See that?! 🤯 How smug is my face at the end 😂 This is how you get your little one to take their meds," she captioned a helpful video she shared to Instagram. "[It's] actually a great and versatile parenting methodology to use in any tricky situation 'just add sprinkles' . . . PS My mum should have patented this 34 years ago. This is how we were brought up taking our medication and when it tasted really bad, she'd add honey!"

It's geared toward kids who are at least 1 year old, and all parents need to do is squirt the medicine on a spoon and add sprinkles on top. Nikki suggests giving the colourful concoction a playful name, like "unicorn potion, sprinkle syrup, or dinosaur poop." Judging by her 18-month-old's reaction, this hack will hopefully keep fights and tears at bay in your household!

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